• Ability to reach a vast and varied audience and to continue raising awareness of the objectives of the candidacy of Matera as the European Capital of Culture 2019

  • Telling the story of the journey towards Matera 2019 thus far and the next steps together, creating contents with the ‘audience’ involved through broadcasting, who are invited to be participants rather than spectators

  • Promoting the initiatives underway and those still on paper, spreading the word, knowledge, participation and involvement in dedicated spaces and via live broadcasting

  • Stimulating debate and exchanging ideas

  • Establishing a direct link with the whole region contemporarily obtaining feedback and proposals

  • Involving local cultural groups, offering a stage from which to illustrate contents, productions and ideas

  • Opening up the Italian and European creative scene

  • Hosting contents, shows, events from other European cities in the same spirit of candidacy, in particular reinforcing the relationship with Bulgaria (which will host the ECOC 2019 with Italy), other cities that have already been European Capitals of Culture and those that will be crowned as such in the run up to 2019.